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While weaving the spirit of “Mottainai”
Creating a more spiritually rich world

“Mottainai” is the heart that loves things.


Business details:

Development, manufacturing, and sales of “Sakiori”products

Purchase and sales of “Sakiori” products from various locations

Tourism business

Workshop planning and management

Etsu Ishigashira work


It is a fabric that also incorporates the feeling of love for things.

The roots of “Sakiori”,  it is said to be located in the Tohoku region, where cotton and textile products were valuable due to the cold climate. 

At that time, people tore the fabrics they used for clothing and bedding into thin fibers and twisted them together to weave and make again other textile products.

In the Edo period, when ships called “Kitamae ship” began arriving, they brought old cloth cotton from the Kinki region, around Osaka or Kyoto, began to arrive. The soft feel of cotton attracted many people, but even though it was an old cloth, it was not cheap.

For this reason, the “Sakiori”developed in a culture of using up textiles as valuable items.

In Japan, old cloth is made into textiles and used for other clothes and rugs, and when it becomes too tattered to be used anymore, it is used as fuel for fires, and the burnt ashes are scattered in fields and used for soil improvement. 

”Sakiori” is a sustainable textile that has been passed down since ancient times.

Most of ”Sakiori” process is done by hand.

The ”Sakiori”fabrics,   they are torn into thin strips to create weft threads, then thread the warp threads through the loom one step at a time to carefully weave.

It's more than just a job.

Through human hands, the feeling of loving things is also woven into the  ”Sakiori”fabrics.

Therefore, ”Sakiori”fabrics can create a warm and unique texture that cannot be expressed by machines.


Saccora Share Global's ”Sakiori”fabrics were woven by creators of the nearby facility for people with disabilities, “Saccora Japan''.

We are creating ”Sakiori” products with the desire to help as many people as possible, including people with disabilities, learn about the possibilities of people and things, and to share the happiness that spreads from this with people around the world. 

We create ”Sakiori” products with the desire to share the potential of all people, including people with disabilities, ethical spirit, and the happiness that spreads from them with as many people as possible around the world.

Tourism business

Workshop business

For tourists

There are various contents

A grassland overlooking the Iwate mountains and nearby ranches, surrounded by nature.

A refreshing moments in the midst of nature.

“Sakiori" experience, bird watching, walking, agricultural experience, etc.

sakori hand woven

Holding seminars and workshops in Iwate and other parts of the country

・About Sakiori

・Continuing to inherit Japan's sustainable culture 

・About handmade products from Tohoku

・For an experience of handmade wonder


In 2009, I came across “Sakiori “ weaving by students at a special needs school, and learned about “Sakiori “, which has been passed down from generation to generation in the local community. At that time, we had wanted to spread the power of people with disabilities through “Sakiori “ and increase the number of people without mental barriers. With this in mind, in 2011 we had established Saccora Japan Co., Ltd. In 2012, we have been certified as a disability welfare service business and became a continued employment support facility. In addition to SACCORA Japan's own brands “Sansa Sakiori'' and ”SACCORA”, the inter-company collaboration project “Saccora Project” has resulted in numerous collaborations with sevral famous apparel brands in Japan.

We will create a place for people with all people  included disabilities to play an active role, pass on “Sakiori “ to future generations, and create a community free of mental barriers. Our thoughts will continue to expand. Saccora Share Global co.,ltd communicates the power of people with all peopele included disabilities to the world and contributes to a society where people can live a fulfilling life.

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Saccora Share Global 

CEO   Etsu Ishigashira

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Saccora Share Global’s concept

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Saccora Share Global Co., Ltd.


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911-4 Sunakomi, Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan 020-0605




January 2024



CEO Etsu Ish​igashira

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